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    ebay VAT Double Charges? – July 1st 2021

    The new ebay VAT system seems to be working.


    Ordering from ebay UK in Greece – VAT & Customs July 1st

    At the moment ebay UK is charging UK VAT on orders made by people who are outside of the UK. Technically this could be illegal. This makes ordering from ebay UK very expensive, if the order gets stopped by Greek customs and the order is worth more than 22 Euro.


    Αντιστρεπτική δοκός – Tuning How-To

    Η αντιστρεπτική είναι ένα ισχυρό εργαλείο συντονισμού, αλλά δεν μπορεί να διορθώσει τα θεμελιώδη προβλήματα με το σασί. Μετάφραση από την Google (Λυπούμαστε)


    OBD2 Scanner Ebay – The Best Buy

    The best OBD2 scanner I found on ebay is the Vgate iCar2. It’s more expensive than other OBD2 scanner dongles but it is worth every penny in my opinion.


    OBD2 Bluetooth – – Πώς να το χρησιμοποιήσετε και τι χρειάζεστε

    Σύνδεση του smartphone σας στο αυτοκίνητό σας με ένα OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle είναι εύκολο αν γνωρίζετε αυτά τα κόλπα.


    OBD2 Bluetooth – How to use it & what you need

    Connecting your smartphone to your car with an OBD2 Bluetooth dongle is easy if you know these tricks.


    Eibach Ελατήρια Χαμηλώματος

    Συγκρίνετε τις τιμές της Eibach ελατήρια σε όλο τον κόσμο, με τις μεταφορές στην Ελλάδα, με το ebay. Κάντε κλικ στους παρακάτω συνδέσμους για να βρείτε τις τιμές σας.

    Information , Shop

    Tuning Boxes & Ignition Timing

    The normal type of tuning box you see for modern turbo petrol cars will not have any ability to change ignition timing, so how can it be safe?

    Chip Tuning , Information

    K-Sport Big Brake Kit Application List – 24.3.2017

    K-Sport big brake kits are available for these vehiclesBuy K-Sport Brake Kits here

    Audi , BMW , Brakes , Ford , Honda , Information , K-Sport , Mercedes , Mitsubishi , Nissan , OPEL , Peugeot , Seat , Skoda , Subaru , Toyota , VW

    H&R Sport Springs – How can they be so much better than the original springs?

    Simply put, H&R sport springs are better because they are made of better, more expensive materials.You will here me say over and over again that the problem with all original parts is that they are built to as low as cost as possible while doing 80% of the job.Does not matter if it is springs […]

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