Tips – Ordering from the USA with ebay

Save over 100 Euro on your ebay orders from the USA

This is a quick guide to help you avoid paying extra taxes when your ebay products arrive in the your country.

If you order from an ebay seller based in the USA you can get variety of shipping options.

The two most popular options are UPS and the ebay “Global Shipping Program”

We strongly recommend using the “Global Shipping Program”!

In our experience when the goods arrive in your country (our experience is based from Greece) you can end up paying around an extra 100-120 euro to the customs broker, (regardless of how much your order costs) if you use UPS.

In our experience using the ebay Global Shipping Program is the cheapest way to order from the USA. Basically we save on the customs brokers charges. Check the listing on ebay for the shipping method, it will say “Global Shipping Program” if it is available. Check the cost in your shopping cart. Again, in our experience this is the final price you will pay. In our opinion this is a much better option than UPS

These extra charges are for their work plus extra import duties on top of what you have already paid. On car parts this is around 3% and an extra 24% for VAT.

In our experience it is much better &cheaper to use the ebay “Global Shipping Program”.

In our experience we have never had to pay a penny more when the goods have arrived in Greece. When ebay says you won’t pay any extra import duties or taxes, in our experience this is exactly true.

In Short

When ordering products from ebay sellers in the USA, choose the sellers that use the ebay Global Shipping Program.


Of course there could be a seller whose price is so low, even after you add the cost of shipping and the extra customs charges (24% VAT + 3% tax + 120 Euro broker fee) their price may still actually be cheaper than sellers that are using the Global Shipping Program.

This is probably rare but maybe it’s worth checking if there are a big differences in the sale prices between sellers.

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