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    Japan Racing JR7 Ζάντες – Wheels Back In Stock

    Yes JR7s are a replica of the

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    Diesel Tuning Box – How It Works – Fuel Pressure Signal Manipulation

    Tuning boxes for diesel engines work primarily by manipulating the fuel pressure signal that goes to the ECU from the fuel rail pressure sensor.The graph below shows fuel pressure against expected engine torque and engine rpm for an example engine.

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    K&N Panel Filter – Is it the best choice? Or is your filter box too small?

    A couple of reasons you may be asking if a K&N panel filter is the right choice.You think your filter box could be undersized from the factoryYou have modified your engine and you are not sure if the filter box is still big enough

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    Picture of a cone filter on its side with a tape measure

    Air Filter Horsepower Rating Calculator – Enter The Dimensions Get A Figure

    Get a ballpark figure on a filters horsepower rating.There are two figuresMAX & Nominal

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    Picture of a cone filter on its side with a tape measure

    Engine Air Filter Size Calculator – How To Find The Correct Size, Is Your Air Filter Too Small?

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    Μπουζί Ιριδίου – Do you need colder spark splugs?

    NGK give general guidance on the best grade of spark plug for your engineFor every

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    Μπουζί Ιριδίου – Why do I need them? They are so expensive!

    NGK Μπουζί Ιριδίου/Iridium Spark PlugsBuy Iridium Spark Plugs @ Street & Circuit hereIridium spark plugs are around 4 times more expensive than replacement platinum spark plugs, why the difference?

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    Ferodo Brake Pads – How To Choose The Correct Compound – Premier, DS Performance, DS2500

    A quick guide to help you choose the correct Ferodo brake pads for your car.(The following guide is assuming you are using

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    Limited Slip Differential (LSD) – How it improves ABS systems

    Fundamentally a limited slip differential stops one wheel on an axle from turning “a lot” faster than the other wheel on the same axle.Specifically a limited slip differential will allow one wheel to turn “x” % more than the other wheel before it starts to act ie to limit

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    MASSIVE stages this year.If you want to spectate, probably good to your chosen spot 90 minutes to two hours before the stages start.Day 1 route map > 1 ΔΕΘ 2016 – Vassilika to Petrokerasa (discrepancy Between Map & Road Book, I think this link is correct)

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