H&R Sport Springs – How can they be so much better than the original springs?

Simply put, H&R sport springs are better because they are made of better, more expensive materials.

You will here me say over and over again that the problem with all original parts is that they are built to as low as cost as possible while doing 80% of the job.

Does not matter if it is springs or brake pads or any other part on the car.

If you are prepared to spend more money on a part of the car than the car manufacturer was, you will most likely make your car better.

And in the case of H&R springs, you will definitely make your car better.

With H&R springs the car will roll less in cornering and dive less under braking and acceleration. While at the same time conserving 90% of the ride comfort.

How is this possible? Because H&R have a bigger budget to work with ie the active driver is prepared to spend more on a set of springs than a car manufacturer, they can use better materials and better manufacturing techniques which keep most of the progressive spring characteristic of the original springs while at the same time making the springs stiffer, after that initial progression has gone.

Why do we need progressive springs?

If you want ride comfort you need progressive springs.

Progressive springs will be softer in the first  few cms of compression and then increase in stiffness after.

This gives ride comfort because the spring absorbs small holes and road imperfections.

While resisting body roll in cornering.

In summary

The car manufacturer and H&R are both trying to do the same thing with their springs.

ie for the spring to absorb small bumps but still give resistance to body roll.

The simple fact is, H&R can meet these criteria more fully because their customer is prepared to spend more money to have better quality materials.

A car manufacturer may want to pay 50 Euro for a set of four springs.

A customer looking at H&R springs is prepared to pay from 150 Euro up to 300 Euro.

If you have never fitted H&R springs before, you may be wary about  spending the extra money, can H&R springs really be so much better than the original springs, ie will I get value for money?

Those thoughts are completely understand and let me say, do not worry, with H&R springs your car will be transformed.

Fitting H&R springs to your car is one of the best modifications that can be done to any car.

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