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    Tuning Boxes & Ignition Timing

    The normal type of tuning box you see for modern turbo petrol cars will not have any ability to change ignition timing, so how can it be safe?

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    Diesel Tuning Box – How It Works – Fuel Pressure Signal Manipulation

    Tuning boxes for diesel engines work primarily by manipulating the fuel pressure signal that goes to the ECU from the fuel rail pressure sensor.The graph below shows fuel pressure against expected engine torque and engine rpm for an example engine.

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    Chip Tuning – What’s the difference between a tuning box and remapping?

    Between remapping to “Stage 1” and a tuning box, the difference in power is small if there is any difference at all. Stage 1 remapping will usually involve increasing the boost pressure slightly which is exactly what a tuning box does.

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    Adjustable Chip Tuning Boxes (Diesel) – What You Need To Know

    More and more #dieseltuning boxes are adjustable. The adjustability allows the customer to increase the power of the engine over and above the standard settings of the #tuningbox. While this is in theory a good thing, the customer needs to understand the consequences of changing to the settings of their diesel tuning box before they […]

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    How Does A Chip Tuning Box Work? – Diesel Tuning Explained

    Diesel tuning in general is much more straightforward. More fuel equals more power.#dieseltuning #chiptuning Diesel chip tuning boxes and diesel tuning in general create more power by increasing the amount of fuel injected into the engine. However when the fuel is injected into the engine it needs to be done correctly to avoid excessive fuel […]

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