How Does A Chip Tuning Box Work? – Diesel Tuning Explained

Diesel tuning in general is much more straightforward. More fuel equals more power.#dieseltuning #chiptuning

Diesel chip tuning boxes and diesel tuning in general create more power by increasing the amount of fuel injected into the engine.

However when the fuel is injected into the engine it needs to be done correctly to avoid excessive fuel consumption and to prolong engine life.

And this is what sets the skilled tuners and the professional tuning box manufacturers apart from crowd.

Generally speaking diesel chip tuning boxes reduce fuel pressure when the car is at a constant speed and increase fuel pressure when the car is accelerating. This gives the best of both worlds, reduced fuel consumption and increased power.

Skilled tuners and professional chip tuning box manufacturers will know

and by
    how much
to increase fuel pressure to get the maximum amount of power while at the same time making sure engine temperatures stay within safe limits.

This knowledge comes from experience and testing. The larger the range of products a company offers, the more resources they need to have to be able to test their programs on each engine.

How can these companies be sure their products do not cause excessive engine wear?

Again, it comes from being able to test their products. Not only testing for power but also monitoring the EGT temperatures with the new program. While more fuel equals more power on a diesel engine, more fuel also means more engine heat.

The correct tune needs to strike the correct balance between power and engine (EGT) temperatures.

The problems with tuning box companies publishing power figures

Human nature means people will always want the diesel tuning box that gives the most power. This makes it hard for quality products to stand out from the crowd. An experienced tuner or chip tuning box manufacturer may know they can get more power out of an engine but they also know that to get that power EGT temperatures will be high and will shorten the life of the engine/turbo.

To get around this issue, chip tuning boxes can make their products adjustable. With an adjustable tuning box the manufacturer can supply the boxes with a safe tune but it also gives the customer the ability to increase the power themselves if they want.


Diesel tuning involves getting more fuel into the engine.

Improving fuel consumption and at the same time increasing power is done by lowering fuel pressure when the car is travelling at a steady speed and increasing fuel pressure when the car is accelerating.

The diesel tuning boxes with the highest quoted power increases are not necessarily the best. There must be a balance between power and engine temperatures. More power is great but it means higher combustion temperatures, if the temperatures are too high, the life of engine components can be reduced.

Adjustable tuning boxes allow the chip tuning box manufacturer to supply a safe power level but also allows the customers to increase the power level (but the customer needs to be aware of the downsides of increasing the power above the standard settings).

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