Mercedes ML 270CDI W163 – Tuning Box Review

We supplied a tuning box to a customer with an Mercedes ML270CDI W163 around 4 weeks ago. Today they sent me an email giving me their thoughts and impressions, this is what they said

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Vehicle: Mercedes Benz M-Class 270 CDi (163 hp)

Installation: the chip was fitted by the people that service the car, not because it is difficult, but because I wanted it placed nicely and neatly, as it was. The chip fit perfectly in the fuse box and you practically don’t know it’s there. Whole process took 10 minutes.

Complications/side effects: None, no warning lights, no hickups of any type.

Vehicle performance: The car is a totally different car. Driving style must change in order to feel the full effect (foot must become lighter), but the increase in torque is unquestionable and the end result is overall impressive.

Fuel consumption: What I can say for sure, is that consumption has definitely not increased. Over time, I imagine consumption will be slightly less, since you get the desired result with less throttle.

Dealer: 5 stars. (this bit is important 😉 )

My comments.

This is what we guarantee, ie no check engine lights and for the engine to work normally

About the transformation. We try to play down the effects of the product. On average the tuning boxes we sell give around 20-30% more power, while this might sound a lot the effect might be less than you expect.

To give an example. Generally speaking, a 50% increase in engine power, will allow a car to go through fourth gear in the same time that it used to go through third gear.

That is with a 50% increase, so a 25% increase will be around half of that.

In short, we guarantee that you will feel a noticeable difference with the tuning boxes we sell, but you shouldn’t expect the car to be transformed, but if you do, that is obviously great!

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