#RaceChip #Connect – Now Available in Greece @ Street & Circuit

It was a while coming but you can now adjust your engine power from your Smartphone.

The RaceChip Connect has been available in Germany and Austria for a few months but we can now offer it to our customers in Greece.

What you can do with the RaceChip Connect

1. The RaceChip is supplied with three power levels ECO, Sport and Race. You can switch between power settings using the RaceChip App which you can download for free from the Google Play Store and from iTunes

2. Warm-up timer. This is a huge bonus. You can now delay the RaceChip turning on for an amount of time you choose after switching on your engine. This gives your engine the chance to warm up before you get the extra power.

3. You can get the latest software updates from RaceChip at the touch of a button.

Please note, the RaceChip Connect is not available for all cars and the app is not compatible with all cars.

Go to the RaceChip shop at Street & Circuit here – Find your car and you can see if the RaceChip Connect is available for your car.

If your car is not listed you can send us an email here and we can tell you if the RaceChip Connect is under development for your car.

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