Street & Circuit – Delivery Times, what makes us different.

Street & Circuit is a specialist retailer of performance car parts and specifically low volume or low demand car parts that are not kept in stock in Greece. What sets Street & Circuit apart is that we have regular scheduled delivery from our suppliers. What this means for you as a customer is that you will get your parts when we say. When you order you will get a concrete delivery date + or – a few days (not + or – a few weeks and not + or – a few months) We do not give approximate delivery dates which are dependent on us have X number of orders. If you make an order from another shop that only orders when they have a certain number or value of orders it means two things. 1. You can not be sure when the parts will arrive. The shop will be giving you a best estimate on the delivery, you will not get your parts until they have a certain quantity of orders. 2. Your parts may experience massive delays. Your order could run from being a week late to one or two months late if the shop does not have enough orders. I have personally experienced this. Performance car parts is not what I would call a mainstream hobby or interest and this means sometime we have to wait for parts. What aggravates me the most is when I am given a delivery time from a supplier and it is delayed, a few days I can live with, but when parts become weeks late that is a problem. I do not want to cause the customers of Street & Circuit the same aggravation and frustration as I have experienced and this is why we have scheduled and regular deliveries from our suppliers. We will NEVER make a customer wait because we want to have X Euro of orders before we place our order with the manufacturer. We take delivery times extremely seriously, I don’t like it when my parts are delayed so I will not make you as a customer of Street & Circuit wait. I treat customers of Street & Circuit in the way I want to be treated.

But sometimes things can go wrong.

Sometimes parts can be delayed for reasons out of our control. To give some examples. 1. The transport company might send a parcel to the wrong destination. Thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence but it can happen. If there is a delay like this we will keep you informed of the situation. We will not leave you in the dark. 2. Part is out of stock. We check stock before we take your order but sometime the inventory system at the supplier is wrong. When this happens we will inform you immediately and give you the new delivery date, if you do not want to wait, which is completely understandable, you can cancel your order. 3. Wrong parts are sent. Again, something that very rarely happens but when it does we will inform you immediately and ask you what you would like to do. These are just 3 examples of why your parts could be delayed. No business is perfect, we all make mistakes and we are all effected by the mistakes of other people, what we promise you is that Street & Circuit will keep you informed and you will always be able to contact us and you can always expect a quick reply. If you can not reach us on the phone we aim to reply to all emails in less than 10 minutes. Again, you will never be left in the dark and you will never be left wondering what is happening. We will always give you, our customer, all the information we have as quickly as we possibly we can. Things do go wrong from time to time, the most important thing is how we deal with it and that you are satisfied.
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