New Low-Cost Exhaust Wrap from Street & Circuit – S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap

For customers who do not need the amazing insulating properties of DEI Titanium exhaust wrap, we have introduced our own Street & Circuit "ECO Exhaust Wrap".

You can buy S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap here

Why would you buy S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap instead of DEI Titanium exhaust wrap?

1. You want a cheaper exhaust wrap and you do not might if it does not insulate as well

2. You want an exhaust wrap you can take on and off the car

3. You want an exhaust wrap that can be exposed to the weather ie you want to use the exhaust wrap under the car

4. You do not mind if the exhaust wrap is harder to install

5. You want to lower the heat given off by the exhaust but you not need the massive insulation capabilities of DEI Titanium exhaust wrap.


If this describe the exhaust wrap you are looking for than S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap is the perfect choice.

We have been the largest dealers of DEI products in Greece for the past 8 years. We know what makes a good insulation product.

When we were deciding what we needed from an exhaust wrap, fire resistance was the absolute top priorty.

When we were testing exhaust wrap materials for S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap, there was a huge difference in quality.

The exhaust wrap material in S&C ECO Exhaust wrap was easily the best performing exhaust wrap and in our testing, was completely fire proof, even when exposed to naked flame.

The second aspect we needed was a material that was easy to fit, thick exhaust wraps were out of the question and likewise we did not want the exhaust wrap to be so thin as to not give good insulation.

Again, S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap offered the best compromise of flexibility and heat insulation of all the materials we tested.


Although S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap does not insulate as well as DEI Titanium exhaust wrap (DEI Titanium Exhaust wrap offers spooky levels of heat insulation), we are satisfied the S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap gives the best heat insulation properties in its price range. And perhaps most importantly of all, is totally fireproof in our naked flame tests.

You can buy S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap here

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