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    Ferodo Brake Pads – How To Choose The Correct Compound – Premier, DS Performance, DS2500

    A quick guide to help you choose the correct Ferodo brake pads for your car.(The following guide is assuming you are using

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    K-Sport & D2 Brake Kits – Replacement Brake Pads & Rotors

    Online Shop – We have added replacement brake pads and replacement brake discs for the K-Sport and D2 big brake kits. You can find brake pads from Ferodo EBC and Pagid. And replacement rotors in 356mm and 330mm. Note, discs do not include bells, only the rotor. Shop Online Here

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    Brembo Brake Discs – Why drilled brake discs are bad

    Before I attack drilled brake discs I first want to say I am voicing my opinion and my experiences, your opinion and experiences may be different. Drilled brake discs always

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    Μαλακά Τακάκια – Σκληρά Τακάκια – Η Διαφορά

    A quick article looking at “hard” and “soft” brake pads specifically for cars. Click the link.


    K-Sport/D2 Brake Calipers – EBC/Ferodo – Brake Pad Codes/Part Numbers

    From EBC Brakes websites – K-Sport/D2 calipers and the codes of aftermaket brake pads from Ferodo and EBC

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    Τακάκια Opel

    Τακάκια Opel – Τακάκια Corsa, Astra, Vectra

    Ferodo , OPEL , Τακάκια

    Peugeot 207 – Τακάκια Ferodo

    Peugeot 207 – Τακάκια Ferodo

    Ferodo , Peugeot , Τακάκια

    A3 – Τακάκια Ferodo

    A3 – Τακάκια Ferodo

    Audi , Ferodo , Τακάκια

    Fabia -Τακάκια Ferodo

    Fabia -Τακάκια Ferodo

    Ferodo , Skoda , Τακάκια

    Τακάκια – Octavia Ferodo

    Τακάκια – Octavia Ferodo

    Ferodo , Skoda , Τακάκια
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