Ferodo Brake Pads – How To Choose The Correct Compound – Premier, DS Performance, DS2500

A quick guide to help you choose the correct Ferodo brake pads for your car.

(The following guide is assuming you are using your factory supplied brake pads)

  1. How long do your brake pads last?

Two years or longer? – Ferodo Premier

Between one & two years – Ferodo DS Performance

Less than a year? – Ferodo DS2500


Extreme Use

This is a rough guide but if you track your car during this period and you feel like your brake pads turn to blocks of wood (ie not a soft brake pedal) after 5 minutes or more

Upgrade to Ferodo DS Performance

If the brake lose their effectiveness in less than 5 minutes, upgrade to Ferodo DS2500

(if you get a soft brake pedal, it probably has nothing to do with the brake pads, change your brake fluid and see how it feels, brake fluid should be changed every year ideally)

You can buy Ferodo brake pads @ Street & Circuit here

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