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“Can I use the RaceChip on my LPG powered car” – This is one of the most common questions we get.

The answer is yes but with some conditions.chip_tuning_ellada

Before you fit a RaceChip to your LPG powered car you need to be sure it is running properly.

This means that the Air:Fuel ratio is correct. The engine should not be running too lean or too rich and each cylinder should be getting the same mixture.

This last point means we only recommend chip tuning on an LPG car that has direct port injection. ie an engine that is delivering LPG to each cylinder individually.

Assuming your engine is running correctly then LPG can give your car even more power gains compared to it running on petrol. LPG has a higher octane rating than petrol which means you can run more boost and/or ignition advance when you car is running on LPG.

However there is a downside to tuning your car to run on LPG.

The first is that the quality of LPG is not the same as petrol or diesel. The octane rating of LPG is not as strictly controlled as it is for diesel and petrol, so a setting that works for LPG from one gas station may not be suitable for LPG from another gas station. This is something to keep in mind.

The second downside is the tuning. The RaceChip is adjustable but you need to take the box apart to do it. And the optimum power settings you use with LPG will not be suitable when you run on petrol, this means you will have to manually adjust the setting of the RaceChip when you switch between fuels.

You need to carefully consider if this is something you are prepared to do. If the extra hassle is not worth it for you then you should use the same petrol settings when you are running on LPG.

As I said, you can not run optimum LPG settings with petrol. You will be running more boost on LPG and the same settings will cause a check engine light when you run on petrol only and more than likely trigger limp mode.

In summary, you will be able to make more power on LPG compared to petrol BUT you will need to adjust the settings of the RaceChip when you switch between fuels.

You can not run LPG settings when you are using petrol.

If you are not prepared to readjust the RaceChip when you switch between fuels you should run the petrol settings all the time.

All RaceChips come supplied with base settings for petrol. You will need to experiment to find the optimum settings for LPG.

So yes you can run the RaceChip with LPG and you can make more power with LPG compared to petrol but you need to be prepared to change the setting of the RaceChip when you change between fuels.

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