RaceChip Chip Tuning Box – Will it save you fuel?

DISCLAIMER: Street & Circuit is a dealer of RaceChip chip tuning boxes.

RaceChip claim that there chip tuning boxes can save you up to 1 litre per 100km in fuel consumption. That equates to around a 14% saving.

But is that realistic?

There is not black and white answer. It depends on your car and how you use it.

If you find your car is under-powered and you are having to use full power for a lot of the time in your normal driving, a RaceChip chip tuning box is not going to save you fuel.

You are probably going to be using the extra power of your tuning box regularly which means you are going to be using more fuel not less.

If on the other hand you very rarely use the full power of your car then you could see an improvement in fuel economy. With a RaceChip you are not going to be having to press the accelerator so much and/or press the accelerator for so long to get to the speed you want to travel at. This means you will use less fuel.

But as usual I will be 100% honest.

    I never recommend buying a RaceChip chip tuning box if your goal is to get better fuel economy.
I always say buy a chip tuning box if you want more engine power and if you find you get an improvement in fuel economy, that is a bonus.

I say this for the simple reason that I cannot guarantee anyone will see an improvement in fuel economy because I do not have a good understanding of how the customer drives their car.

What I can say is that with a RaceChip chip tuning box you will feel the power increase.

You can find the full range of chip tuning boxes at the Street & Circuit online shop here https://streetandcircuit.gr/racechip-chip-tuning-box-c-187954.html


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