Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Review Golf MK5 VWVORTEX Forum

For this review I really wanted to refrain from posting until I had some longer term testing. I have had this kit installed on my car for over 3 months. I’ve tested this kit through pothole-infested daily driving and weekend bashings through the mountains. With 19” wheels, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and the other upgrades listed above I can honestly state that NVH and road harshness is minimal to none. This was my first attempt at replacing suspension bushings and while I didn’t yet test the OEM Audi TT rubber bushings I’m in love with this setup and my choice to run the Whiteline Anti Lift Kit (WALK).   full article http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6068795-HYDE16-Reviews-Whiteline-Anti-Lift-Kit-(WALK  Whiteline Shop – https://streetandcircuit.gr/whiteline-c-11376.html
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