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D2 use a modular design in their coilovers. This allows more adjustment without effecting performance and also reduces the cost of servicing and the speed of servicing.

D2 Racing Sport use a modular design in their coilover suspension.

The modular design gives D2 coilovers a massive range of adjustment without compromising the performance of the suspension. The most obvious example of this is in height adjustment.

Many coilover suspension manufacturers use a helper spring as well as the main spring and adjust height this way.

The problem with this method is that you lose damper travel when you lower the car.

D2 use an adjustable bottom bracket. This gives a much bigger range of adjustment and the damper stroke stays the same no matter what height you set. This is massively important.

The modular design means each individual part of a D2 coilover can be changed without needing to replace the whole strut.

On most coilover suspension kits, including the high end kits, the strut and the damper are a single unit.

If you somehow damage an individual corner you will need to replace most of the unit.

If you have ever had this happen to you, you will know the cost can be massively high, sometimes over half the cost of the entire kit.

With D2 Racing sport you only have to replace the part that is damaged. This massively reduces costs if you need to replace anything.

D2 Servicing

Because D2 Racing Sport coilovers are modular you only need to replace damper unit itself, ie the part that holds the gas and oil.

This saves you money.

You also save time and reduce inconvenience. You do not lose your suspension (and your car!) for a week or two while the manufacturer rebuilds the strut. When you need a new D2 strut we send you the damper unit. When you have it you simply swap out the old unit and fit the new unit. In effect you service your damper in a day!

The downside of the modular design is that they are slightly heavier than coilover kits which are built in one piece.

In our opinion D2 suspension are one of the world leaders when it comes coilover suspension technology and their price is amongst the lowest on the market.

Due to the volume of D2 coilovers we sell we can offer some of the most competitive prices on D2 coilovers in Europe.

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