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    NGK Spark Plugs Co., LTD. has been firing racing engines throughout the world since 1936.  NGK has become an icon in spark plug and sensor technology, and prides itself in offering racers a high quality product that will help rocket them to victory.NGK is recognized as the premier spark plug of choice by racers and engine manufacturers throughout the world.  This is why NGK Spark Plugs is proud to be associated with Andretti Green Racing. NGK realizes race teams push their machines to the edge, and with this in mind, they design every spark plug to withstand severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with high-revving, high-compression race engines.As a result of its superior quality, a team can have confidence knowing it has the world leader in spark plug technology. NGK Spark Plugs can be found in every racing venue throughout the world.  From weekend warriors to accomplished racers, NGK Spark Plugs are sparking winners.

    Advantages of Iridium Spark Plugs

    Iridium electrodes, due to their unique properties, can be made to a visually smaller diameter than platinum, Gold and copper/nickel spark plug electrodes without sacrificing the service life of the spark plug. The spark plugs potential difference is concentrated at the minute Iridium tip resulting in lower voltage requirements for the ‘spark jump’. In some application this can be as much as 5,000 volts less compared to standard plugs. This reduction in voltage requirement results in improved ignition with less strain being placed on the cars ignition system. Benefits of improved ignition/combustion include improved fuel economy, increased power and acceleration and in particular, faster throttle response.

    NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

    NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs have a centre electrode made from an Iridium alloy with just a 0.6mm diameter. NGK believe this diameter of spark plug electrode gives the ideal balance between performance and service life. Service life can be up to 60000 miles for N/A car motors although the service life can vary greatly, for example an extremely modified car engine can wear out its spark plugs in a few thousand kilometers.
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