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Pedal Tuning Boxes – How They Work

The most important thing to remember is that pedal tuning boxes do not increase the power of the engine at all.

Pedal tuning boxes work simply by increasing or decreasing the amount of signal that the throttle pedal sensor sends to the ECU.

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BMW Chip Tuning Ελλάδα – BMW Turbo Tuning

BMW Chip Tuning from RaceChip Ελλάδα @ Street & Circuit

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Chip Tuning – Will it break/damage my engine/gearbox?

Customers asking if chip tuning is going to break their engine or gearbox has to be the most common question we are asked. chip_tuning_ellada Read more

Gold Heat Shielding On Intake Pipes – Why you need it

Gold heat shielding. If you have your MAF sensor mounted on your intake and the pipe is close to the exhaust, heat soak into the sensor will be extreme. Read more

Μπέκ Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics injectors. Some of the world’s finest injectors for high performance engines. Read more

Mishimoto New Product – Sandwich Plate With Thermostat

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