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Limited Slip Differential (LSD) – How it improves ABS systems

Fundamentally a limited slip differential stops one wheel on an axle from turning “a lot” faster than the other wheel on the same axle.

Specifically a limited slip differential will allow one wheel to turn “x” % more than the other wheel before it starts to act ie to limit Read more

What is the limit of a Turbo Diesel Tuning Box?

Ultimately, the limit of a diesel tuning box is the factory software because, the tuning box does not change the factory software.

We manipulate the fuel rail pressure to get the engine to inject more fuel but as engines get more advanced, they will use more sensors to monitor the engine.

For example, Read more

VIDEO – Glowing brakes discs – Roesch #Carbon brake pads with Brembo Group N Brake Discs

VIDEO – Glowing brakes discs – Roesch #Carbon brake pads

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Brake Pads Comparison Test – Standard VS Performance

What exactly are the differences between standard replacement brake pads and performance brake pads?

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#BMW N54 #135i #Intercooler Comparison Test – Stock VS #Wagner VS #Mosselman VS #HPF

Mosselman carried out a very comprehensive intercooler comparision test on an N54 BMW 135i with 4 different front mount intercoolers to see which was best.

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How to tune with an Apexi AFC NEO – VIDEO

A quick video showing you how you use an Apexi AFC NEO to tune the fuel map on your car and also how yo adjust the VTEC / VVL points.

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Drive Channel (YouTube) – Performance Brake Pads/Discs Test, 50mph to Zero

Drive Channel on YouTube have done a video comparing the original/stock brakes on a BMW F30. (I have embedded it at the bottom)

They measured the stopping distance of the car from 50mph and compared the difference to different performance brake parts.

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E46 M3 Tuning Hellas – E46 M3 Tuning Suspension, Brake, Wheels

E46 M3 tuning program from Street & Circuit. This tuning program is designed for drivers who want to get the maximum performance from their E46 M3. Read more

S3 Tuning (TFSI) Hellas 2006>2012

A selection of performance parts for the Audi S3 TFSI 2006>2012. Read more

BMW 335i Tuning Hellas – 335i Engine Tuning – 335i Suspension Tuning

A collection of the finest performance parts to make your 335i go faster, stop quicker and corner better. From Street & Circuit, Hellas. Read more

New Mazda 3 MPS Parts

We have added a range of new parts for the Mazda 3 MPS. The parts include ECU tuning and exhaust products from Cobb tuning.

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EVO X Tuning, Hellas

Some of the finest performance parts for the EVO X from Street & Circuit, Hellas. Increase performance, increase reliability, buy now. Read more

R35 GTR Tuning

GTR tuning programs from Street & Circuit, Hellas Read more

Mazda 3 MPS Tuning

Α selection of the finest quality car parts to improve and maintain the performance of your car Read more

MX5 Tuning Hellas – MX5 Suspension/Chassis Parts – MX5 Brakes/Ζάντες/Wheels

MX5 Tuning – Μπάρα Θόλων/Strut Bars Read more

BMW Tuning Hellas – Ζάντες BMW – BMW Ζαμφόρ, Μπάρα Θόλων

BMW Tuning – Ζάντες TSW Read more

RX7 Tuning Hellas – RX7 Tuning Ελλάδα

RX7 Αντλλακτικά – RX7 Tuning Parts Read more

Octavia Tuning – Updated

Octavia tuning section updated. We added wheels from TSW, SSR, Tenzo, suspension tuning parts from Whiteline, steering wheels from Nardi and many other parts.

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VW Golf Tuning MK5 TFSI – Suspension & Brakes

The Golf MK5 GTI is one of the best all round hot hatches. It offers great Read more