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Tuning Boxes & Ignition Timing

The normal type of tuning box you see for modern turbo petrol cars will not have any ability to change ignition timing, so how can it be safe? Read more

UNOFFICIAL Spectator Guide – 50th DETH Rally Thessaloniki 16 & 17 Sep 2017 – Route Maps & Timetable/Schedule

The Street & Circuit unofficial spectator guide to the 50th running of the DETH Rally – Information in Greek here and official website of the DETH Rally

Motorsport is dangerous for spectators and participants. Always be aware of your surroundings, you are responsible for your own safety.

Rally runs on the 16th and 17th of September 2017. Amazing scenery to get to the stages and on the stages. Stage 1 and Stage 6 are my personal favourites.

The roads used in the stages close around 2 hours before the stage starts. If you want to drive into the stage to spectate I would recommend getting to your location 2 hours before the start of the stage. Just to be on the safe side.


DAY 1 – 16.9.17

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XXR Ζάντες – XXR Shop

XXR Prices include

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Fuel Pump Performance Test – Walbro vs Bosch 044 vs Aeromotive vs AEM vs Deatschwerks vs EVO 9 vs STI & more

Fuel pumps included in the test Walbro GSS342, Fake Walbro, No name 340lph, Bosch 044, Fake 044, Aeromotive Stealth 340, CNT Racing, Deatschwerks DW300, 05 STI Stock Unisia, EVO 9 Stock Denso, AEM 320

This article is based on data from a performance fuel pump group test done by Import Tuner magazine. You can read their fuel pump test here & part 2 here

DISCLAIMER: The power figures in the supplied graph are a guide only, they should not be treated as exact

First point to address is how much fuel pressure do you need from your fuel pump? Read more

Wiechers Sport Clubsport Half Roll Cages

Click here for more information Read more

Alfa Mito Tuning – Shop Update – Chip Tuning, Brake Pads, Iridium Plugs

We have added a dedicated page for Alfa Mito Tuning. Read more

K-Sport Big Brake Kit Application List – 24.3.2017

K-Sport big brake kits are available for these vehicles

Buy K-Sport Brake Kits here Read more

Courier Service – Your Feedback – How was the service?

Dear Sir/Madam Read more

Shared Space – Naked Streets – No Traffic Lights. Is it safer?

Holland is probably the best place to study this because accidents statistics are presented in a very easy to see way.

This is Google Maps with accident stats super imposed over the top.

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Mercedes ML 270CDI W163 – Tuning Box Review

We supplied a tuning box to a customer with an Mercedes ML270CDI W163 around 4 weeks ago. Today they sent me an email giving me their thoughts and impressions, this is what they said Read more

EVO 7,8,9 – Combo Discount – Brakes

Offer valid until 30.12.16 – stock permitting

Buy a set of DBA T3 Grooved brake discs foR the front

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COMBO DISCOUNTS – December 2016

Combo Discounts for December 2016

Mini R56 – Free Powerflex engine mount insert with every RaceChip Ultimate

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H&R Sport Springs – How can they be so much better than the original springs?

Simply put, H&R sport springs are better because they are made of better, more expensive materials.You will here me say over and over again that the problem with all original parts is that they are built to as low as cost as possible while doing 80% of the job.Does not matter if it is springs […]

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Japan Racing JR7 Ζάντες – Wheels Back In Stock

Yes JR7s are a replica of the Read more

Diesel Tuning Box – How It Works – Fuel Pressure Signal Manipulation

Tuning boxes for diesel engines work primarily by manipulating the fuel pressure signal that goes to the ECU from the fuel rail pressure sensor.

The graph below shows fuel pressure against expected engine torque and engine rpm for an example engine. Read more

K&N Panel Filter – Is it the best choice? Or is your filter box too small?

A couple of reasons you may be asking if a K&N panel filter is the right choice.

  1. You think your filter box could be undersized from the factory
  2. You have modified your engine and you are not sure if the filter box is still big enough

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Air Filter Horsepower Rating Calculator – Enter The Dimensions Get A Figure

Get a ballpark figure on a filters horsepower rating.

There are two figures

MAX & Nominal Read more

Engine Air Filter Size Calculator – How To Find The Correct Size, Is Your Air Filter Too Small?

When we are sizing the air filter we need to know ONE key point.

  1. The air flow of the engine at maximum RPM

Calculate the air flow of an engine.

Enter your engine details below. Read more

S&C Latest #Germany. Most commn causes of #roadaccidents by r…

#Germany. Most commn causes of #roadaccidents by road user… &…Be…JwHB

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S&C Latest situation self inflicted by rosberg. no attempt to…

situation self inflicted by rosberg. no attempt to pass hamilton.…

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S&C Latest #MercedesAMGF1 keep #hamilton happy. 1-3 ok #AbuDh…

#MercedesAMGF1 keep #hamilton happy. 1-3 ok #AbuDhabiGP

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Caster Bushes – Why They Beat Camber Bushes – What They Do – Why You Need Them

One of the biggest problems we have is resisting the urge to tell people they should get caster bushes when they are looking for camber bushes/bolts

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S&C Latest #MacauGP 2016 – #F3 World Cup Sunday #Race – Down…

#MacauGP 2016 – #F3 World Cup Sunday #Race – Down to the wire >> RACE VIDEO >>…</a#macauau

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S&C Latest #MacauGP – GT Race – HUGE #Crash >> RACE VID…

#MacauGP – GT Race – HUGE #Crash >> RACE VIDEO >>…

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S&C Latest #MacauGp 2016. 1.6T Touring Car Race. Great finish…

#MacauGp 2016. 1.6T Touring Car Race. Great finish >> VIDEO >>…

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S&C Latest #MacauGP 2016. Great Superbike Race >> CLICK…

#MacauGP 2016. Great Superbike Race >> CLICK FOR VIDEO >>…

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S&C Latest Widebody #Subaru #Impreza #GC8 #WRC #Tsukuba https…

Widebody #Subaru #Impreza #GC8 #WRC #Tsukuba… vi@NDFseanan

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S&C Latest #MacauGP – #FIAGTWorldCup Qualifying LiveStream #S…

#MacauGP – #FIAGTWorldCup Qualifying LiveStream #SLS #AMG #AudiR8 #Huracan…

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S&C Latest #MacauGP Touring Car Cup #RCZ vs #FiestaST vs #Min…

#MacauGP Touring Car Cup #RCZ vs #FiestaST vs #Mini LiveStream…

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S&C Latest #MacauGP 2.0T Practice #GolfGTI vs #LeonCupra vs #…

#MacauGP 2.0T Practice #GolfGTI vs #LeonCupra vs #Audi & more LiveStream…

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