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Add Punchie & Venia as a friend

Punchie our cute dog looking into camera - We are leaving him in the house and he wants to come with us


Cute potrait picutre of Punchie. This was taken on holiday in Skopelos


Another photo of Punchie in Skopelos. He's very happy becuase we are out on a walk


Punchie our dog cooling down in the sea. Again in Skopelos


Our dog Punchie looking out from out balcony at home. I think he was looking at other dogs barking


Our dog Punchie ralexing on his favourite pillow at home


Our dog Punchie out on a walk. I took a photo of him while he was sitting in front of me


Our dog Punchie out on another walk! This photo is taken up the street from our house


Our dog punchie out on yet another walk looking cute for the camera!


Our dog Punchie relaxing on the couch at home


Our dog Punchie relxing with his head on the coffee table at home looking cute as always!


Our dog Punchie on the beach at Skopelos


Our dog Punchie yawning on the bed


Our dog Punchie whatching the Animal Channel

Αν νομίζετε οτι θα βοηθήσει, σας παρακαλούμε εκτυπώστε τις φωτογραφίες και δώστε τες σε φίλους και συγγενείς σας.

If you think it will help, please print out these photos or the flyer and give them to your family and friends.

Punchie looking cute playing in his sleep

Punchie drinking while lying down