VIDEO – K&N Φίλτρα – Can oil from an air filter damage a MAF sensor? Tests & Results


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This is from a video we uploaded to YouTube. Original video created by K&N
Testing and research carried out by K&N to determine if the oil from their air filters can be pulled off the filter.

And if so, would this oil cause a MAF sensor to fail.

Street & Circuit – In our experience MAF sensors generally do not develop problems. It is a very simple device (it has no moving parts) which cannot be damaged by oil.

The wire element is usually protected from the air stream ie air entering the engine does not normally have a straight shot at the wire as it is usually encased in a plastic case to protect it. If the air entering the engine does not have a direct shot at the MAF wire, it is hard for me to see the wire being hit by oil coming off an air filter, IF oil is even coming off the air filter in the first place.

However dirt & dust build up on the MAF wire can be a real problem, especially on higher mileage cars. If there is a layer of dirt covering the wire in the MAF sensor, the wire will be insulated from the air entering the engine. The will mean the temperature of the wire will be less effected by the air stream.

kn_filtra_black If the wire in the MAF sensor is not getting an accurate picture of the air, this can cause the engine to run at less than optimum.

In extreme cases it may even cause a check engine light.

However, most MAF sensors can usually be cleaned with basic hand tools, some Acetone /Isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds. This can be carried out by most people without any specialist knowledge.

In short, can oil come of a K&N air filter? Unlikely.

If oil did come off an air filter, could the oil cover the wire in the MAF sensor? Probably not

If some oil did hit the wire in the MAF sensor would this damage the MAF sensor? Extremely unlikely.

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