Tuning Boxes & Check Engine Lights – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

[featured-img] A check engine light with a tuning box is completely normal & you should expect to have to alter the settings of your tuning box at least once.

Let me explain

A tuning box works by exploiting the headroom built into the factory software.

What do I mean by “headroom”?

The car manufacturer will program the software so the engine operates as normal in every possible situation they can imagine. For example, towing up a big hill for a long period of time. Because you are very rarely if ever in this situation, the tuning box manufacturer can exploit this headroom to give more power in everyday driving. This is how a tuning box can give you more power without changing the factory software. But this approach does come with a compromise. If you are in a situation where you are using full engine power for an extended period of time you will reach the limits of the factory software sooner with a tuning box than you would without a tuning box. This could cause a check engine light or a loss in engine power. If you are ever in this situation the solution is simple. You just need to either disconnect the tuning box when you the extreme situation or reduce the settings on the tuning box. Because the tuning box does not alter the factory safety systems a tuning box will not damage your engine, unless the factory software allows the engine to operate in a dangerous condition and if it does, the issue is with the software supplied by the car manufacturer and not the tuning box. It is the original software that allows the engine to run in a dangerous condition, not the tuning box.

What does this mean for me?

You need to be prepared to have to adjust your tuning box at some point. If you are not satisfied with having to adjust your tuning box then the only solution is to not use one.

Is there any way to avoid the check engine light?

There are a couple of solutions. 1. Either fit a tuning box which only gives a very small power gain 2. As I said above, not fit a tuning box at all.


From my perspective, on a standard engine, a tuning box is the way to go. It gives me the possibility of getting the most from my engine is my normal day to day driving. And if I am ever in an extreme situation ie one where I need full power for long periods then I can simply reduce the setting of the tuning box in those situations. And then return them to normal when I am back to my normal driving. Or I can simply leave the reduced settings as they are forever. In short, an adjustable tuning box will ensure you are getting the most power possible. And you should be prepared to have to adjust the settings of the tuning box at least once so it suits the type of driving you do. And finally the harsh truth is, if you are not prepared to adjust your tuning box from the factory settings you should not buy one. I hope this video helps you decide if a tuning box is right for you and also explains why you might need to adjust your tuning box from the factory supplied settings. Buy your tuning box here https://streetandcircuit.gr/pedal-tuning-box-c-191322.html

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