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VLOG Number 3 – Video Overlay Part 2

In part one I did a very quick overlay showing a g-meter on a video.

In part 2 I go in to the mechanics of the process, how to get the data and how to put it onto a video.

For the data gathering I used an Innovate Motorsports LM-2 to log the wideband lambda data plus the RPM and TPS (Throttle Position)

For the G readings and GPS I used a Racelogic performance box.

To get the Innovate data into a CSV I used Innovate’s data logging analysis software Logworks – free to download here

And for the Racelogic data I used Performance tools to get the Performance Box data into a CSV

When you have the two sets of data you will need a data logging software that can combine the video with the data.

In this example I used RaceRender.

I tried with DashWare originally but could not get it to accept the LogWorks data.

Hopefully this will show you how easy it is to get a video overlay using any data you want.

The key to the whole process us getting the data into a CSV file.

If you can get your OBD data into a CSV file, the only limit is your imagination with regards to what and how many gauges you can get on your video.

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