Pedal Tuning Boxes – How They Work


The most important thing to remember is that pedal tuning boxes do not increase the power of the engine at all.

Pedal tuning boxes work simply by increasing or decreasing the amount of signal that the throttle pedal sensor sends to the ECU.

There was a time when you were stuck with one setting but there are now pedal tuning boxes on the market which are adjustable.

With adjustable pedal tuning boxes, you can increase the signal that is sent to the ECU or you can decrease it.


Most pedal tuning box manufacturers claim they increase the speed of the response of the pedal but this is not technically correct.

As I said, the amount of signal that is sent to the ECU is increased for a given pedal position, this can feel like the pedal is responding quicker but it is simply passing a bigger signal to the ECU which gives the impression of faster response.

So are pedal tuning boxes worth the money?

Given how many car manufacturers now give adjustable throttle response on their high engine models you would have to say yes.

If you want to get maximum engine power from 50% of the throttle travel, an adjustable pedal tuning box can probably give you what you want.

And likewise, if you want to reduce the amount of power available in the first 50% of throttle travel an adjustable pedal tuning box can give you that also.

In short, if you want to change the characteristics of your throttle pedal, you need an adjustable pedal tuning box.

If you are happy with way your throttle pedal responds, you probably do not need a throttle pedal tuning box.

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