K&N Κιτ Καθαρισμού – How to clean your filter – 99-5000EU


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K&N κιτ καθαρισμού – How To Clean Your K&N Air Filter

  1. Check your air filter for dust and dirt. You only need to clean your K&N air filter if the filter is noticeable dirty. If your filter is dirty, go to to step 2.
  2. Lightly wet your air filter with warm water, not hot water
  3. Using the filter shampoo, soak the air filter on both sides
  4. Wait for 15 minutes
  5. Run warm water through the filter clean side to dirty side, there is no need to push dirt through the filter unnecessarily
  6. Wait for your K&N air filter to dry
  7. Lightly and evenly coat the filter with the filter oil

And your done.

Depending on how your drive and where you drive, how often you need to clean your air filter will vary. Its worth checking your air filter every few months so you know how dirty it is.

K&N Cleaning Kit Information

K&N filters are pre-oiled from the factory so you do not need a filter cleaning kit when you buy your K&N filter. However you will need a K&N filter cleaning kit at some point and we recommend buying the cleaning kit at the same time as you buy your filters to save money on the shipping cost later. We are often asked how often a K&N filter should be cleaned. The answer varies from car to car and driver to driver. Someone who drives on dusty roads will need to clean their filter more often than someone who does not for example. The rule of thumb we use is simple. If the filter looks dirty clean it and re-oil it. A K&N filter cleaning kit contains enough soap and oil to service a filter many many times so the cost of cleaning your K&N filter is minimal. Your K&N filter will perform much better when it is freshly serviced.

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