Intermittent Wiper Problem & Fix – Nissan Primera


A public service announcement. If you have problems with your intermittent wash wipe on your Primera P11

Symptoms look like this. The wipers do not park properly because, in my case, the relay is not being energized for long enough due to broken connection on the circuit board which controls the intermittent wiper function.


So after changing the actual wiper motor, I still had the problem.

It turned out the be the actual intermittent wiper relay.

wiper_relay_primera_intermittent It looks something like this. Its located at the back right of the engine. Mine had a grey box.


  1. Slide the relay out of the bracket, being careful not to pull the wires.
  2. Remove the connector
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry open the connector side of the enclosure
  4. Pull out the circuit board.
  5. Look at the bottom of the circuit board for any soldering points which shows signs of cracks. In my case where the external connector connects to the circuit board, the solder had cracked.
  6. Using a soldering iron, heat up the solder until the covering is uniform again. You probably wont even need to use any new solder, there will be enough solder already on the joint.
  7. Reassemble to relay.
  8. If the pins on the external connector look dirty, use your flat head screwdriver to scratch up the pins to ensure there is a good contact.
  9. Job Done

After this your wipers should park correctly again and you should regain the intermittent wiper speed control facility.

Hope this helps!

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