Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads – Do you really need them?


The performance motoring press is always raving about uprating this part and that part to make your car go faster, but do YOU need to uprate the brake pads on your car to Ferodo DS Performance or DS2500?

The first question for me when someone asks if they need to uprate their brake pads is

1.What brake pads are you using at the moment?


2.How many KMs/Miles do you get out of them?

(for the purpose of this video we are talking about a normal daily driven car)

By definition, if someone is asking if they need to upgrade their brake pads the answer to the first question is usually original replacement brake pads

If the answer to number 2 is around a year or less, then for sure I would recommend getting better brake pads.

How much better depends on the brake pads that are on the car now.

And if the person doesn’t know, I ask them how much they paid for them. Price is a very good indicator of quality when it comes to brake pads.

Assuming the brake pads on the car cost around 20 Euro/20GBP I would recommend going up to Ferodo DS Performance brake pads.

In my experience, cheap brake pads simply do not last and are basically not good. If a person can make them last a year, then a set of Ferodo DS Performance will be a big upgrade for them.

If on the other hand the person is using some good quality brake pads already, ie Ferodo Premier or something in that price bracket, the Ferodo DS2500 will give a more noticeable upgrade in service life and braking power.

The biggest fear people have

Is if they are going to get something for the extra money. As people, we hate spending extra money on something and not understanding the difference between the cheaper product we were using before. It makes us feel robbed.

When it comes to brake pads, you do get what you pay for, at least if you stick with the bigger brands.

If you are looking at a brand that maybe is not so well known, I am not saying to not buy their products but I would recommend you do some research and try to find other people who have used their products to get their opinion.

On the other hand if you are an “early adopter” and don’t mind being the first person to try something, skip the research. But you know that already!

What do you get for the extra money?

Biggest bonus is a longer service life. In my experience 2-4 times longer life. Given DS Performance and DS2500 brake pads are around 3-4 times more expensive than original equipment brake pads, you are going to break even over the long term.

If you take your car to a garage to get the brake pads changed, then you will be in the black much quicker. Most garages will be charging between 20 & 40 Euro/GBP to change a set of brake pads. Changing 3-4 sets of brake pads is expensive.

But its more than service life.

If you are changing your brake pads regularly ie less than 12,000km, then you will probably enjoy using better brake pads. They will give your brakes more power and they will be nicer to use generally because they will be easier to modulate.

So you get your money back over the long term and your are using a nicer product while you are waiting.

In summary

If you are using normal brake pads on your car and they are lasting you 20,000km+, there is probably no reason for you to spend any more. You are probably not hard on your brakes so you wont realise the extra performance and the service life issue is not going noticeable because it could take a decade or more for you to realise the long term savings.

If on the other hand you are going through brake pads like pairs of socks, you are probably going to appreciate the benefits of fitting better quality brake pads, both financially and from driving pleasure.

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