Chip Tuning Ελλάδα – Is A RaceChip Right For Me?


There are 3 types of Chip Tuning. Each type of chip tuning has its benefits and drawbackschip_tuning_ellada

Why you want a RaceChip chip tuning box.

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1. You want something that you can fit easily

2. You want to keep your factory warranty

3. You want something you can take off the car quickly

4. You want a chip tuning box that leaves no trace (physically or in the software)

5. You do not plan to fit a bigger turbo in the future (petrol cars. Diesel cars you can fit a bigger turbo)

6. You want to get some of your money back when you change your car. You want to be able to sell your product later.

Why you do not want a RaceChip chip tuning box

1. You plan to fit a bigger turbo in the future (petrol engines)

2. Your petrol engine is highly modified ie bigger intercooler, lower compression pistons etc

If you have a diesel engine you can carry out big modifications to the engine and the RaceChip can cope because it is adjustable but you may have to fit bigger injectors.

A RaceChip cannot cope with big engine modifications on a petrol engine because it does not control ignition timing.

If you want something easy which gives real power gains and keeps your warranty, you want a RaceChip

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For diesel engines it is hard not to choose a RaceChip simply because it is adjustable. You can fit a bigger turbo, better air filter, better exhaust and you can adjust the RaceChip to deliver the extra fuel you need.

For petrol engines the case is not so clear.

If your engine is highly modified you need to be able to adjust ignition timing to get the most power from the modifications you have done.

In this case you are better off choosing either a piggback ECU that can simulate the O2 sensor signal or a custom remap.

With a piggyback ECU you will need to wire it into the car. This takes time and can be expensive depending on how complex it is.

The benefit is you can also sell the ECU later if you decide to.

If you go for a custom remap you will not having anything to sell, you only get software for your money. But you will be able to tune the car perfectly to suit the parts you have fitted.

If on the other hand you plan to keep your turbo petrol engine car close to standard specification then a RaceChip is hard to ignore. On a close to standard engine a RaceChip gives close to the same power boost as a custom remap and in some cases even more.

And even if you do plan to fit a bigger turbo in future to your petrol engine you can always use a RaceChip until you are ready to fit the bigger turbo and sell the RaceChip when you no longer need it.

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