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K-Sport Brake Kits – New Prices for 2016

The new 2016 price list for K-Sport brake kits is now live here

Most prices have been reduced, especially for the 330mm kits and 356mm kits.

K-Sport make the brake kits to order, delivery time to your door is 10 days (as opposed to 30 days before).

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#RaceChip #Connect – Now Available in Greece @ Street & Circuit

It was a while coming but you can now adjust your engine power from your Smartphone.

The RaceChip Connect has been available in Germany and Austria for a few months but we can now offer it to our customers in Greece.

What you can do with the RaceChip Connect

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S&C Latest Latest VLOG now live> -…

Latest VLOG now live> – How to put GPS, TPS, AFR, RPM, G-Meter etc etc into a video overlay Cdmjr8fW0AErPnv Read more

Adjustable Chip Tuning Boxes (Diesel) – What You Need To Know

More and more #dieseltuning boxes are adjustable. The adjustability allows the customer to increase the power of the engine over and above the standard settings of the #tuningbox.

While this is in theory a good thing, the customer needs to understand the consequences of changing to the settings of their diesel tuning box before they make adjustments.

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How Does A Chip Tuning Box Work? – Diesel Tuning Explained

Diesel tuning in general is much more straightforward. More fuel equals more power.#dieseltuning #chiptuning

Diesel chip tuning boxes and diesel tuning in general create more power by increasing the amount of fuel injected into the engine.

However when the fuel is injected into the engine it needs to be done correctly to avoid excessive fuel consumption and to prolong engine life.
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Chip Tuning Box – Petrol Turbo – How It Works

The basic principle of all chip tuning boxes is the same.

They manipulate the sensor signal going to the ECU, so the ECU compensates in a way which increases power.

In the case of chip tuning boxes for petrol turbo engines, the chip tuning boxes Read more

G-Meter Demo/Test/Review, RaceLogic, Serres-Thessaloniki

A G-Meter demo and assessment/review of the RaceLogic Performance Box

This test is specifically about the G-Meter option on the performance box.

G-Meter – Key Points:

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Pedal Tuning Boxes – How They Work

The most important thing to remember is that pedal tuning boxes do not increase the power of the engine at all.

Pedal tuning boxes work simply by increasing or decreasing the amount of signal that the throttle pedal sensor sends to the ECU.

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Road Safety in Greece – Statistics Sources

A quick article linking to two sources of statistics on road safety in Greece.

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RX8 Buying Guide – You know you want one

Apparently the engines can be reliable, just get a compression check before you buy it.

Mazda RX-8: Buying guide and review (2003-2012) Mazda RX-8 – (IMAGE SOURCE:

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#Mercedes Reffered To EU Court for NOT using potentially highly toxic AC refrigerant.

You can read the article at

Basically the AC refrigerant R134a is being phased out and replaced by AC refrigerant R1234yf. Dupont and Honeywell hold most of the patents for R1234yf.

So what is Mercedes problem? Read more

K&N Φιλτροχοάνη – Universal Cone Filters added to Street & Circuit Shop

We have added K&N universal cone filters to the online shop. Most filters in stock for delivery in 48 hours anywhere in Greece. If you need to check stock, email us here >>> your K&N cone filters here >>

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VIDEO – K&N Κιτ Καθαρισμού – How to clean your K&N filter – Street & Circuit

Buy your K&N filter cleaning kit here

1. Soak your K&N filter in Read more

VIDEO – K&N Φίλτρα – Can oil from an air filter damage a MAF sensor? Tests & Results

K&N Shop Greece –

This is from a video we uploaded to YouTube. Original video created by K&N
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Drive Channel (YouTube) – Performance Brake Pads/Discs Test, 50mph to Zero

Drive Channel on YouTube have done a video comparing the original/stock brakes on a BMW F30. (I have embedded it at the bottom)

They measured the stopping distance of the car from 50mph and compared the difference to different performance brake parts.

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EVO Valve Cover Protection – DEI Reflect-A-Gold – Photos

New photos showing another use for DEI Reflect-A-Gold. Aftermarket tubular manifolds for the 4G63 can put the exhaust primaries very close to the cam cover. You can massively Read more

Chip Tuning Ελλάδα – Is A RaceChip Right For Me?

There are 3 types of Chip Tuning. Each type of chip tuning has its benefits and drawbackschip_tuning_ellada

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#Ohlins Road & Track Coilover Suspension @ Street & Circuit, Ελλάδα

Street & Circuit in Thessaloniki Greece is now a dealer of Ohlins Road & Track coilover suspension.

Ohlins are one of the world leaders in the manufacturer of dampers for motorsport. Read more

Ohlins Road & Track Greece – What & Why Ohlins DFV Coilovers?

What is the DFV on Ohlins coilovers and what does it do?r&t_tech1

The DFV stands for Dual Flow Valve. Ohlins DFV Road & Track coilovers have a constantly adjusting valve inside the damper. As it the case with all coilover suspension kits, the more you spend, the higher the quality of the valves you get. Read more

#LPG Chip Tuning Ελλάδα – RaceChip Chip Tuning

“Can I use the RaceChip on my LPG powered car” – This is one of the most common questions we get.

The answer is yes but with some conditions.chip_tuning_ellada Read more

Φιλτροχοάνη Pipercross – Is it a strong filter?

We have seen a dealer selling damaged Pipercross Φιλτροχοάνη so I thought  I would write an article about it (why anyone would sell a damaged air filter is beyond me)

Φιλτροχοάνη Pipercross – Is a Pipercross cone filter strong? Read more

Δισκόπλακες Brembo – Brembo Aftermarket Product Finder

Δισκόπλακες Brembo Group N – Brembo Group N standard replacement brake discs will extract 90% of your car’s braking potential. Brembo Group N brake discs are also low cost which means they are cheap to replace after a hard day at the track if you need to.

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Brembo Brake Discs – Why drilled brake discs are bad

Before I attack drilled brake discs I first want to say I am voicing my opinion and my experiences, your opinion and experiences may be different.

Drilled brake discs always Read more

Ζαμφόρ Shop – Ζαμφόρ/Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars

Ζαμφόρ/Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars – Adjustable anti-roll bars from Whiteline. Cutting edge suspension tuning parts for all popular performance cars including Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota & Mazda.whiteline_largeantiroll Click a link below to find your anti-roll bars Read more

Quaife Shop – Μπλοκέ Διαφορικό Quaife – Ελλάδα/Hellas/Greece

Μπλοκέ Διαφορικό Quaife – Street & Circuit is a factory approved dealer and distributor of Quaife products. We deliver Quaife products to any address in Greece within 5 working days. Click the links below to find a Quaife differential for your car.B_FkvFpU8AAppnL Read more

Street & Circuit – Delivery Times, what makes us different.

Street & Circuit is a specialist retailer of performance car parts and specifically low volume or low demand car parts that are not kept in stock in Greece. What sets Street & Circuit apart is Read more

D2 Racing Sport Coilovers – D2 Αναρτήσεις Coilover

D2 Coilover Shop Hellas

D2 use a modular design in their coilovers. This allows more adjustment without effecting performance and also reduces the cost of servicing and the speed of servicing.
D2 Racing Sport use a modular design in their coilover suspension. Read more

Video – Monza, Curva Grande flat **without** chicane in Audi R18 E-Tron LMP1 2013

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Street & Circuit ( TV ) – Ανταλλακτικά, Tuning Equipment


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Street & Circuit ( TV ) – Ανταλλακτικά, Tuning Equipment


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