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Tuning Boxes & Ignition Timing

The normal type of tuning box you see for modern turbo petrol cars will not have any ability to change ignition timing, so how can it be safe? Read more

Fuel Pump Performance Test – Walbro vs Bosch 044 vs Aeromotive vs AEM vs Deatschwerks vs EVO 9 vs STI & more

Fuel pumps included in the test Walbro GSS342, Fake Walbro, No name 340lph, Bosch 044, Fake 044, Aeromotive Stealth 340, CNT Racing, Deatschwerks DW300, 05 STI Stock Unisia, EVO 9 Stock Denso, AEM 320

This article is based on data from a performance fuel pump group test done by Import Tuner magazine. You can read their fuel pump test here & part 2 here

DISCLAIMER: The power figures in the supplied graph are a guide only, they should not be treated as exact

First point to address is how much fuel pressure do you need from your fuel pump? Read more

K-Sport Big Brake Kit Application List – 24.3.2017

K-Sport big brake kits are available for these vehicles

Buy K-Sport Brake Kits here Read more

H&R Sport Springs – How can they be so much better than the original springs?

Simply put, H&R sport springs are better because they are made of better, more expensive materials.You will here me say over and over again that the problem with all original parts is that they are built to as low as cost as possible while doing 80% of the job.Does not matter if it is springs […]

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Japan Racing JR7 Ζάντες – Wheels Back In Stock

Yes JR7s are a replica of the Read more

Diesel Tuning Box – How It Works – Fuel Pressure Signal Manipulation

Tuning boxes for diesel engines work primarily by manipulating the fuel pressure signal that goes to the ECU from the fuel rail pressure sensor.

The graph below shows fuel pressure against expected engine torque and engine rpm for an example engine. Read more

K&N Panel Filter – Is it the best choice? Or is your filter box too small?

A couple of reasons you may be asking if a K&N panel filter is the right choice.

  1. You think your filter box could be undersized from the factory
  2. You have modified your engine and you are not sure if the filter box is still big enough

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Air Filter Horsepower Rating Calculator – Enter The Dimensions Get A Figure

Get a ballpark figure on a filters horsepower rating.

There are two figures

MAX & Nominal Read more

Engine Air Filter Size Calculator – How To Find The Correct Size, Is Your Air Filter Too Small?

When we are sizing the air filter we need to know ONE key point.

  1. The air flow of the engine at maximum RPM

Calculate the air flow of an engine.

Enter your engine details below. Read more

Caster Bushes – Why They Beat Camber Bushes – What They Do – Why You Need Them

One of the biggest problems we have is resisting the urge to tell people they should get caster bushes when they are looking for camber bushes/bolts

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Μπουζί Ιριδίου – Do you need colder spark splugs?

NGK give general guidance on the best grade of spark plug for your engine

For every Read more

Μπουζί Ιριδίου – Why do I need them? They are so expensive!

NGK Μπουζί Ιριδίου/Iridium Spark Plugs

Buy Iridium Spark Plugs @ Street & Circuit here

Iridium spark plugs are around 4 times more expensive than replacement platinum spark plugs, why the difference? Read more

Ferodo Brake Pads – How To Choose The Correct Compound – Premier, DS Performance, DS2500

A quick guide to help you choose the correct Ferodo brake pads for your car.

(The following guide is assuming you are using Read more

Intermittent Wiper Problem & Fix – Nissan Primera

A public service announcement. If you have problems with your intermittent wash wipe on your Primera P11

Symptoms look like this. The wipers Read more

Limited Slip Differential (LSD) – How it improves ABS systems

Fundamentally a limited slip differential stops one wheel on an axle from turning “a lot” faster than the other wheel on the same axle.

Specifically a limited slip differential will allow one wheel to turn “x” % more than the other wheel before it starts to act ie to limit Read more

Tuning Box – Can a Turbo Petrol Tuning Box Damage a Modern Engine?

The short answer is no, a tuning box cannot damage a modern turbo petrol engine, with two provisos. Read more


MASSIVE stages this year.

If you want to spectate, probably good to your chosen spot 90 minutes to two hours before the stages start.

Day 1 route map >

Stage 1 ΔΕΘ 2016 – Vassilika to Petrokerasa (discrepancy Between Map & Road Book, I think this link is correct)

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Tuning Boxes & Check Engine Lights – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

A check engine light with a tuning box is completely normal & you should expect to have to alter the settings of your tuning box at least once.

Let me explain

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K&N Filters Greece – Product Information K&N FIPK, Panel, Typhoon, Universal, 57i

K&N Panel Filters – K&N Induction Kits – K&N Intake Systems – Φίλτρο K&N

Buy K&N @ Street & Circuit > Click Here


K&N Panel Filters

33-2335 High Air Flow with Excellent Filtration Read more

What is the limit of a Turbo Diesel Tuning Box?

Ultimately, the limit of a diesel tuning box is the factory software because, the tuning box does not change the factory software.

We manipulate the fuel rail pressure to get the engine to inject more fuel but as engines get more advanced, they will use more sensors to monitor the engine.

For example, Read more

New Low-Cost Exhaust Wrap from Street & Circuit – S&C ECO Exhaust Wrap

For customers who do not need the amazing insulating properties of DEI Titanium exhaust wrap, we have introduced Read more

VIDEO – Glowing brakes discs – Roesch #Carbon brake pads with Brembo Group N Brake Discs

VIDEO – Glowing brakes discs – Roesch #Carbon brake pads

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Brake Pads Comparison Test – Standard VS Performance

What exactly are the differences between standard replacement brake pads and performance brake pads?

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Brake Fade Explained – What is brake fade and how to fix it

The are two different types of brake fade with two completely different casues. If you want to fix brake fade and improve the performance of your brakes, you need to understand what the problem is. Are you experiencing fade from the brake pads of fade from the brake fluid. The solutions to these two problems […]

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#BMW N54 #135i #Intercooler Comparison Test – Stock VS #Wagner VS #Mosselman VS #HPF

Mosselman carried out a very comprehensive intercooler comparision test on an N54 BMW 135i with 4 different front mount intercoolers to see which was best.

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How to tune with an Apexi AFC NEO – VIDEO

A quick video showing you how you use an Apexi AFC NEO to tune the fuel map on your car and also how yo adjust the VTEC / VVL points.

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Temperature Effect On Acceleration Times – Its Massive

An 8.3 degree Celsius increase in temperature makes a car 7% slower in acceleration from 115km/h to 140km/h

Temperature Effect on Acceleration – How the tests were done

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K-Sport Brake Kits – New Prices for 2016

The new 2016 price list for K-Sport brake kits is now live here

Most prices have been reduced, especially for the 330mm kits and 356mm kits.

K-Sport make the brake kits to order, delivery time to your door is 10 days (as opposed to 30 days before).

Read more

#RaceChip #Connect – Now Available in Greece @ Street & Circuit

It was a while coming but you can now adjust your engine power from your Smartphone.

The RaceChip Connect has been available in Germany and Austria for a few months but we can now offer it to our customers in Greece.

What you can do with the RaceChip Connect

Read more

S&C Latest Latest VLOG now live> -…

Latest VLOG now live> – How to put GPS, TPS, AFR, RPM, G-Meter etc etc into a video overlay Cdmjr8fW0AErPnv Read more