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K-Sport Big Brake Kit Application List – 24.3.2017

K-Sport big brake kits are available for these vehicles

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EVO 7,8,9 – Combo Discount – Brakes

Offer valid until 30.12.16 – stock permitting

Buy a set of DBA T3 Grooved brake discs foR the front

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PHOTO – #Bad #Bish – Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

Get your wheels here –

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PHOTO – Its The Law – #EVO8 rolling on Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

Matt Black Team Dynamics 1.2 wheels fitted to EVO8 – Image Source: Pro Race 1.2 wheels here

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EVO Valve Cover Protection – DEI Reflect-A-Gold – Photos

New photos showing another use for DEI Reflect-A-Gold. Aftermarket tubular manifolds for the 4G63 can put the exhaust primaries very close to the cam cover. You can massively Read more

Powerflex Σινεμπλόκ EVO – Quick Link Part Finder

Powerflex Σινεμπλόκ για EVO – Quick Links

Click a link below

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EVO Ζάντες – EVO 7,8,9 EVO X Ζάντες από Street & Circuit

EVO Ζάντες @ Street & Circuit. Wheels from Enkei, XXR, Japan Racing, Rays and Gram Lights

Click a link to find your wheels

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Mitsubishi D2 Racing Sport – Mitsubishi EVO, Colt, Lancer D2 Racing Sport

Mitsubishi Carisma D2 Racing Sport Mitsubishi Colt D2 Racing Sport Mitsubishi EVO D2 Racing Sport Mitsubishi Galant D2 Racing Sport Mitsubishi Lancer D2 Racing Sport

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EVO 7, EVO 8, EVO 9 Ζάντες – Fitment Information Rota Wheels

Ζάντες EVO – Rota

A guide to choosing the correct wheels for your EVO 7, EVO 8 or EVO 9 from Rota Wheels and Street & Circuit. Read more

EVO X Tuning, Hellas

Some of the finest performance parts for the EVO X from Street & Circuit, Hellas. Increase performance, increase reliability, buy now. Read more

EVO – Σετ Συμπλέκτη Clutch Masters

EVO – Σετ Συμπλέκτη Clutch Masters Read more