Caster Bushes – Why They Beat Camber Bushes – What They Do – Why You Need Them


One of the biggest problems we have is resisting the urge to tell people they should get caster bushes when they are looking for camber bushes/bolts

Almost always when a customer calls to order camber bolts or camber bushes, we say great but we also have caster bushes for your car would you like to try them as well/instead?

The issue with this is that sometimes people are not 100% clear what caster is and what it does to their suspension and it is hard to explain over the phone or in an email

So I made a video, illustrating why we are so enthusiastic about caster bushes

You can see it here (not the usual picture quality, sorry, we will have a solution soon!)

In a nutshell, caster bushes do 1 thing.

They increase the angle of your front wishbones. They lift the front and/or drop the back.

The effect of this is twofold

  1. The steering will have more self centering.

This increases straight line stability and it increases steering feel. The easier a steering wheel is to turn, almost always, you have less idea how much grip is available at the tyres. More steering weight equals more feel equals more confidence.

2. More responsive steering and more front and grip

Caster gives dynamic camber. This helps the tyres have even pressure over their contact patch when the car is turning.

And the increased grip makes the car more responsive

In short, caster bushes give more camber when you need it and none when you don’t, ie travelling in a straight line

Camber bushes/bolts are great up to a point but they increase camber in a straight line which reduces grip when accelerating and braking.

Caster gives the benefits of camber without the negatives and this is why we are so enthusiastic about it.

You can buy Whiteline caster bushes here

And Powerflex bushes here

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