Brake Pads Comparison Test – Standard VS Performance


What exactly are the differences between standard replacement brake pads and performance brake pads?

We took a set of Ferodo Target/Premier brake pads and compared their performance against a set of Roesch XC-4 carbon Kevlar Ceramic performance brake pads.

In my opinion, Ferodo make the finest standard replacement brake pads available and like wise, in my opinion, Roesch make the finest performance brake pads available ie brake which you can use on track and on the road.

In part 1 we look at the Ferodo brake pads to asses the strengths and weaknesses and find out how much heat they actually put into the brake discs.

Part 1 Findings

On the road, when cold, the Ferodo Target/Premier brake pads give good cold performance and also surprisingly good hot performance.

Even though the Ferodo brake pads give good braking power when they are hot, you have no confidence to lean on the brake pads because their stopping power becomes to unpredictable from one corner to another. Although the pads are still safe when they are hot, you have the baby the pads a lot which means your pace and enjoyment of the road is limited.

Given how rare it is to have an empty road that you can enjoy, I believe it is very important that when the opportunity does present itself, you have the equipment to make the most out of the road. You do not want to be worrying about your equipment when you should be concentrating on nailing the next apex, nailing the next braking zone and carrying the optimum amount of speed around the next corner.


For a day to day brake pad, the Ferodo is excellent. And if you are in an emergency situation and you need your brakes, the Ferodo will be there. But you do lose confidence in the brake pads quite early.

We look to solve this in part 2 with a set of performance brake pads.

Will the Roesch performance brake pads live up to expectations and will they compromise the car in day to day driving?

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