Are H&R Springs Good?


In a word YES. When it comes to car “tuning” (H&R springs included) there is a huge misconception among a lot of people that goes something like this

“If the part made the car perform better, the car manufacturer would have put it on the car from the start”

This is utter bol**cks

The reality is this

Cars are built to a price and if you are prepared to spend more money on a component (compared to the car manufacturer), you are going to get better performance.

The springs on a car are one of the best examples of this

Even on the performance models, a car manufacturer is going to be spending what? 50 Euro on the springs, maybe 100 Euro on a set for a larger car.

The fact is if you are prepared to spend double this amount you are going to get a noticeable improvement in performance with very few compromises, if any.

These are the three main factors effecting the car manufacturers choice of spring (and every component on the car)




You can get to pick 2 of out of three.

For the standard springs, durability arguably is going to be the top priority followed by the price & the designer is going to try and squeeze as much performance as they can out of the remaining budget

Give the designer more money and you can improve performance without effecting the other two.

And this is why fitting aftermarket performance car parts improve a car’s performance

So where do H&R springs come in?

Not only does spending more money allow you to increase stability, you can also lower the car (to improve looks) and also preserve ride comfort. All because the more expensive metals allow you to do things the cheaper metal does not.

So yes, H&R springs are good, they are expensive compared to other brands in the market but this really is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. As soon as you fit H&R springs you will understand where the extra money has gone.

Your car will feel massively more stable in all conditions, the car will look much nicer and the comfort of the ride will be almost as comfortable as the stock springs

H&R springs give huge benefits in looks and performance with little or no compromise, they really are the best of all world (if you are prepared to spend that bit more). In my opinion, that bit more, is more that worth it. 

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